Sweynheim Pannartz

   The font SweynheymPannartz is strongly modeled after an exemple Conrad Sweynheym and Arnold Pannartz used in their early printing venture in Subiaco, Italy which began around 1465. Their efforts were supported by Pope Sixtus the IV after they enthusiastically printed more books than they could sell. They not only brought printing to Italy, but also developed the first Roman style type. This font has over 600 defined gylphs to cope with modern needs, and also the ability to use several abbreviations common to that period. It also has an alternate miniscule "k" more modern in appearance for those that find the original too unusual. In addition to the modern "ᴋ", there are several other characters possible including, but limited to: "ꝑ", "ꝓ", "Ꝝ", "Ꝯ".

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