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Printers in Marks

   In the early days of printing it soon became useful to the printer to use a mark to identify his product so that consumers could know who printed what when the works were of a diverse subject. These were often added at the end of the text by the Collophon. These are interesting in that they use heraldry and marks similar to other trade marks of that era and also art work design by some of the leading artists of the day. This font contains over 160 marks dating back to the early years of printing with the likes of Fust, Ratdolt, Manutius, Caxton, and a whole host of others represented. Some of these printers were very influential and altered the course of history, some merely enabled the broader public to access the classics. Some were imprisoned and others helped foment revolutions. But all were riding the new current of this technology of moveable type that helped transform our world through the enabling of easily exchanging information.

These are the printers mainly from the incunabula period whose marks are present in this font: Thomas Anshelm, Caligula de Basileriis, Godefroy Back, Conrad Baumgarten, Caligula de Basileriis, Jacobus Bellaert, Giovanno Antonie de Benedetti, Johann Berrichelli, Dionysius Berrichelli, Dionysius Vincenza Bertochus, J. Besickens, Giralmo Biondo, Simon Bivilqua, Bonino de Boninis, Giacomo Brittanici, John Bydell, Arnoldus Caesariis, Alexander Calcedonius, Christopher de Canabis, Matthew de Codeca or Capsaca, William Caxton, Joannes de Colonia, Crivello, Louis Cyaneus, Bennedetto d' Ettore, Roelant van den Dorp(e), Peter Drach, Jehann du Pre, Elzivir, Farefanus, Benedetto Fontana, Michael Furter, Nicolas de Francfordia, Andreas Fritag de Argentina, Johann Fust and Peter Schoeffer, L. de Gerula, Gottfried Ghemen of Gouda, Louis Guerbin, Johanness Hamman de Landoia, Henrici Heynricus, Zacharias Kalliergos, N. Kesler, Martin Landsberg, Gerard Leeuw, Johannes de Legnano, Pierre Levet, van de Loer, Walter Lynne, Franciscus de Madiiis, Colard Mansion, Aldus Manutius, Guy Marchant, Theo Martins, Jacobszoon van der Meer, Antonio Miscomini, Bernardino de Misintis, Andro Myllar, Hercules Nani, Erhard Oglin, Peregrino de Pasqualibus, Jacobus de Pforzheim, Nicolaus Phillipi, Philip Pinzi, Enhardt Ratdolt, Petrus Reginaldus, Sixtus Riessinger, Rizzo, Dominicus Richizola, Ugo Rogerius, Juan Rosembach, Laurentius Rubeis de Valentia, Justinian Ruberia, J. Sacer, Johannes Schaeffler, William Schomberg, Martin Schott, Englehard Schultis, Valentin Schumann, Ulrich Scinzenzeler, Ottaviano Scotto, Melchior Sessa, Heinrich Seusse, Conrad Scher, John Siberch, Hugh Singleton, Ionnis Baptistae Somaschi, Johannes Emericus de spira, Bernardus Stagninus de Tridino, Lazaro Suardo, Jacobi Thanner, Michelet Topie, Baptista de Tortis, Samuel de Tournes, Johann Treschel, Joannes Lucilius Santritter, Angelus Ugoletas, Henricus Sancto de Ursio, Johann Veldener, J. de Vingle, Bernardinus de Vitalibus, Johann Weissenberger, Michael Wenssler, Nicolas Wolfe, and Bartholomeus de Zanis

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