Various recordings of music composed by Shane Brandes

Organ Works
Trinity Lutheran Cleveland, 1956 Von Beckerath Organ
Chorale Prelude: Ich Sterbe taglich (I die daily, a German hymn tune) 2008
Chorale Prelude: Sonne der Gerechtigkeit (Son of righteousness, German hymn tune) 2008
Fugue on Guillo, Pran Ton Tamborin ("Pat-a-Pan" ) 2011
Dorian Fugue Part II of Seven Strange Sisters Suite. 2011
Lydian Fugue Part IV of Seven Strange Sisters Suite. 2011

Oberlin Warner Concert Hall. 1974 Flentrop Organ
Adagiorecorded 2006
Canzon on BELLE QUI TIENS MA VIE, In the style of Gabrieli (Beautiful one who holds my life) 2006
Elevation recorded 2006
Toccata "Butterflies and Monsters" title given by a 6 year old. 2006

Grace Lutheran Church Oberlin Oh., 1997 Bedient Organ
Cradle Song 2009
organ recordings by the composer.

Immanuel Lutheran, Cleveland Oh., 1964 Weissenborn Organ
Erhalt uns Herr 2013
Coronation March written for the 40th anniversary of the Middle Kingdom of S.C.A. for use at the Rockefeller Chapel, Chicago University. 2009
Partita on "Wer Nur den Lieben Gott Who only lets the dear God rule, Chorale and seven variations. 2012, recorded Nov. 2013
Prelude on the hymn tune Energy. March 2023
Prelude on the hymn tune Ringe Recht. March 2023
Prelude on the hymn tune Herz liebster Jesu. March 2023

First Lutheran, Strongsville Oh., 1989 Berghaus Organ
Chorale prelude on O' Traurigkeit Feb. 11th 2015

Piano Works
Moment Musicaux written 2021 and recorded in Shanghai by my good friend Zhou Ting, Professor of Piano, Music Middle School Affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music
Nocturne No.4 in g sharp-minor recorded 2005 performed by Shane Brandes, written 2003
Waltz no.4 e-minor recorded 2010 performed by Shane Brandes, written 2008
intermezzo a-minor performed by Miku Shiota, recorded 1995, written 1993
Nocturne No.3 c sharp-minor performed by Miku Shiota, recorded 1995, written 1994

Harpsichord recordings
1960 Zuckermann straight back, with upgraded action installed 2013
March in D-Major 2013, 2013
Trumpet Tune in A-Major 2009, 2013

Computer realized (these will be recorded on real instruments as the opportunity arises.)
Oakford Battle Hymn 2008
Coronation March see above (eventually will record this again)
Draco Invictis Battle March 2005
Draco Regno Victory March 2009
Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend Lord Jesus Christ, be present now, A five voice fugue. 2012
The Saints's Delight A modern hymn tune set for strings or keyboard. 2010
Jesaia, dem Propheten Isaiah, the prophet, on Luther's tune. 2012
Canon in d-minor Inspired by wondering how hard a 3 voice canon is to write. Pachebel's 3 voice canon is the obvious progenitor. 2013
Song 67 The song by Orlando Gibbons given a new rhythmic treatment. 2015
Eventide "Abide with me" 2016

Snow Queen a very early piece began in 1992 and orchestrated finally in 2013. It was supposed to be part of an overture to a operetta based on Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen. The librettist never delivered anything so I put it down and mostly forgot about it.
Intermezzo for small orchestra
String Quartet
Partita on "Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland"
Fuguein f minor
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